Nathan Alazar Mesfin Asks, “Where is my Father?”

To Learn More About ato Alazar Mesfin, Nathan’s father, please click on the link below:

Alazar was the son of Mesfin Gudum and Misla Debessai.  He is one of five boys and two girls.  Five of them joined the Eritrean liberation struggle. Fikre Mesfin and Aron Mesfin sacrificed their lives while Meheretu suffered severe injuries and is disabled.  Mesgina was captured by the Derg regime and was imprisoned.  As a result of the torture he suffered mental breakdown.

Alazar Mesfin studied at Addis Ababa University where he graduated with BA in Business studies. He joined the EPLF in 1975 and worked in different capacities in the organisation.  After independence he was employed as civil servant at higher positions. He went to America and obtained first class Master’s degree and returned to Eritrea in 2000.

Alazar strongly advocated for democracy, the rights of Eritreans and implementation of the Eritrean constitution.  In September 2001, he was taken into secret detention due to his political beliefs.

His whereabouts is unknown, and nobody knows what happened to him. Both his parents died while he was imprisoned, and the deaths are attributed to their grief.

Alazar is the father of three children, Peter, Noel and Nathan who live in Eritrea and do not know what has happened to their father.

The Eritrean people are suffering at the hands of the President of Eritrea, who is responsible for all the atrocities. Many innocent Eritreans have disappeared without trace. Families and friends campaign to get justice for the “disappeared” although their efforts have been fruitless so far. Remembering the victims in September 18 annually has become a tradition among Diaspora Eritreans who oppose the dictatorial regime.




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